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Rapid antigen test by Quaink Apotheke

  • test result after 20 minutes

  • trained pharmacy staff

  • one free test per week, each additional test for 19,90€


Please only take the test if you do have any symptoms of Covid-19!


Corona rapid antigen test


1st step

Make an appointment online, at the Quaink Apotheke or by phone


2nd step

Nasal swab test by trained pharmacy staff


3rd step

Receive the test result within 20 minutes via coded E-Mail

Our location

You can find us at Bahnhofstr. 29 in Nordhorn


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For companies

We are happy to perform rapid antigen tests on your employees and will send you an invoice afterwards. Please register your company with us using the following form:


Download the form "Company Registration".



Then fill out the cost assumption form for your employees:

Download the form "Assumption of costs


Corona-Test für Firmen


How is the test performed?

The test is performed by trained pharmacy staff. The sample is taken by nasal swab and is analysed directly on site.

How do I get the result?

The result will be sent to you via coded e-mail 20 minutes after the test. Alternatively, you can pick up your printed result at the test station after 20 minutes.

How can I interpret the test result?

Negative result

A negative antigen test result is valid for about 24 hours. It implies that you are most likely not infectious and thus do not pose a risk to others. However, it does not guarantee absence of the virus. You should still comply with all safety measures - wearing a mask, strong hygiene, social distancing, ventilation and Corona-Warn-App. In case you develop symptoms later on (cough and cold symptoms, fever, diarrhoea, vomitting) you should self-isolate and contact your general practitioner or dial 116 117.


Positive result

A positive test result suggests that you are currently infected with COVID-19, and you could pose a risk to others around you. Therefore, you should self-isolate immediately and contact your general practicioner or dial 116 117. A positive test result must be confirmed by a PCR test. By law (Infektionsschutzgesetz - IfSG) we are required to report the test result to the public health department.

Information about results are also available in other languages. Click here.

Which antigen test is used?

We only use rapid antigen tests listed on the official site of the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM).


Who pays the costs?

You bear the costs of 19,90€ yourself.


Who is the rapid antigen test suitable for?

The test is suitable for you if you quickly want to find whether you carry the SARS-Cov-2 virus and are at risk to infect others around you. This kind of test is mandatory before you visit a retirement home. It can also be useful if you want to meet family members or friends, or before returning to work. If you had close contact with a positive person, it is advisable to wait for 72 hours before taking the test. Please note that we may only perform a test on you if you are free of any symptoms of Covid-19.

Is there an age limit for taking the test?

Generally, rapid antigen tests can be performed on children of all ages. However, a nasopharyngeal swab is tolerated very differently by young kids. If we are unable to perform the test on your child, we offer to return your money.

Is it possible to shorten the quarantine period after travel?

The regulations change regularly. Please check with the German Foreign Office (learn more). You can also find further information on

Can I travel with the quick antigen test?

The regulations change regularly. Please check with your tour operator/airline and the German Foreign Office (learn more).

What is the difference between an antigen test and a PCR test?

Click here for more information.

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